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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 51): Storm Area 51!

We are only one month away from September 20th, 2019.  A user on Facebook (Lean In!) set up an event to have as many people storm the military base known as Area 51 in Nevada in 9/20/19.  Although the user started this page as a joke, too many people in the USA have taken this event rather seriously because the claims are that the US military has been concealing information about unidentified objects (UFO’s) and about alien life forms since the 1950’s.

As of the writing of this post, two million people have stated that they are going and another 1.5 million people are interested in going to take over the military base and to find out what has been documented on the site.  The rhetoric has been amped up by fans of aliens that will look to make a run on the military base and by people that live in the town that are looking to prevent this event from happening.  Plus, there will also be a music festival going on in the same area.  Whatever happens, we will have a chance to see this event unfold before our eyes on the news.

Since this series post is post number 51, I decided to focus upon what we need to do to rattle the status quo.  Here are four steps.

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1. Do not worry about someone else hurting you.  The only reason some people do not break through glass ceilings within their lives is because they care about what other people could say or do to them.  However, the cause that you are fighting for must become more of a priority than the people that will be in opposition to you.  People will always be opposed to you no matter what you do because people in this society are very fickle.  Plus, the ones that always make the most threats are the ones that basically will not do anything.

For example in 1973, Atlanta Braves outfielder Henry “Hank” Aaron was about to break baseball’s all-time home run record set by Herman “Babe” Ruth.  Before he broke the record, he received death threats from White supremacists.  Instead of retiring from MLB, he ended up breaking the home run record in November of 1973.  Hank Aaron is still alive.  The threats from these racists are still idle from 46 years ago.  The ones that talk the most are the ones that usually do the least.

2. Choose to pursue after goodness.  If you pursue after goodness, then nobody will pursue after you.  If you take the road that is less traveled, then the muppets that oppose you will not be able to track you down.  Follow after goodness so that you will be light years ahead of the mediocre masses.  The goal is to not only do good things, but to be good as well.

3. Endure.  The only way to win in life is if you do not quit.  Endure to the end so that you reach your final destination.

4. Be happy.  You will have some times in which you are down, but you have to make the choice to pick yourself up at all times.  You are the only one that can make yourself happy.  Looking for other things or for other people to keep you happy will always end in disappointment.


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  1. I will, in fact, endure. I am a good survivor.
    Resilience will rattle the “status quo”. And throw in a little minimalist philosophy like “does what they are selling add to the quality of life? Should I buy it? Way more often than people realize the answer is, “No’.


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