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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 48): Maintain

Striving to achieve the best in life is a motivating factor for people that are willing to reach new heights.  The problem is maintaining that motivation once things become comfortable.  Many people experience burnout in their jobs after reaching monetary goals.  In sports, trying to repeat as champions is harder to winning the championship the first time because the peak performance needed to win was already accomplished the prior season.  Maintenance is the key to remain on top.  Here are four tips that will allow for you to stay at the pinnacle of success.

1. Choose to live in the present.  Dwelling on the past is wrong whether the recurring thoughts are positive or negative.  If a person dwells on some good done a few weeks ago, then that person will have complacency creep into the mind.  If a person dwells on mistakes made, then the fear of making more errors will crop up.

Past experiences must be used properly.  When a situation arises, then a person can draw from their experiences to make the right decision.  Experience must be used as fuel.  Let’s use exercise as an example.  Let’s say that I make a goal to do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes today.  I base the goal of exercise that I made based upon the fact that I have exercised before.  If I dwell on the fact that I have exercised before, then I would not exercise again.

Focusing upon the future is a problem as well because looking ahead without doing the necessary work now can lead to hopes and dreams being dashed.  Do things now.

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2. Destroy all opposition.  The goal of anything or anyone that is against you is to bring you down.  Do not give your enemies an inch because they will take a mile.  Victory is way better than defeat.  Always look for solutions that cause for you to win against any obstacle that may arise within your life.

3. Be diligent.  Constantly do something.  The moment that you stop going forward is the moment that you start going backward.  Stay relentless.

4. Keep track of your resources.  Being aware of what you have will allow for you to use your resources efficiently so that you will never remain in lack.

Let’s continue to maintain excellence.  Pic is from Pixabay.


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