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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 47): Honor

The worst thing that a person can do is to damage his or her own reputation.  Honor is the basis on which new opportunities will be presented in the future because a person will only look to help others that only he or she holds at a high regard.  Fortunately, there are four different things that can be done in order to see honor increased within your life.

1. Endure to the end.  The only way to win in life is to not quit.  If you endure to the end, then those negative circumstances will eventually go away.  You will be able to withstand any obstacle that rises against you if you maintain your endurance.  This endurance will build consistency so that you will not go from one extreme to the next.  Enduring to the end will allow for you to achieve honor.

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In Aesop’s famous fable ‘The Hare & the Tortoise,’ the hare built a big lead in the race against the tortoise, but the hare decided to lollygag instead of finishing the race.  While the hare went to sleep, the tortoise kept going and passed up the hare.  The hare then woke up and tried to win the race, but the tortoise won the race.  Since the tortoise won the race, the tortoise received the honor.

2. Choose to do good.  There are times in which you do not want to do the right thing, but you have to do the right thing so that you do not have to face the consequences of a wrong decision.  Building honor requires for the person to do the right thing when nobody is looking.  Do the right thing so that you do not compromise your honor.

3. Do not deceive others.  Do not allow yourself to lead others into a ditch.  Look to persuade others to go higher instead of lower.

4. Do not be tricked by others.  The reason why there are so many scam artists in the world is because so many people are prone to deception.  Do your research so that you can retain your honor.

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  1. I am always wary of the word “honour”, especially when it is proposed that increasing one’s honour among one’s fellows is a desirable objective.

    The problem I have is when people in certain communities – particularly in Pakistan – apply this concept to the family and take extreme measures to preserve “honour” when a member of the family threatens it. The result can be an “honour killing” if a daughter has an affair with the wrong person.

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