Manifestation over rebellion (Part 44): Established

The reason why a person should be established is that a grounded person will be able to withstand any circumstance that will occur.  We all need to become established quickly because the last six months of this year will be filled with unexpected events that could overwhelm a person unless a foundation is set within the mind.  Let’s lay the groundwork necessary in order to remain established in this chaotic world.

1. Endure to the end.  The key to winning in life is endurance.  Not quitting ensures that you will win this race known as life.  There are times in which you may want to throw in the towel, but choosing to endure will establish your mind by looking for the solution instead of a way out.  Circumstances are just like rainstorms because both are temporary.  However, endurance can always be a constant that allows for you to remain established.

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2. Obey your intuition.  When you are going through a situation that you have never experienced, then you are not able to see things from outside of the box.  However, your subconscious will begin to gather information that you need in order to escape.  Then, your intuition will tell you what you need to do.  However, intuitive thought within your mind is suggestive.  You still have to make the decision to follow that instruction.  This obedience will allow for you to not miss out on opportunities that will open doors for you in the future.  Obedience allows for you to remain established.

3. Stop blaming others.  Choose to no longer use other people as an excuse.  A person cannot stop you from doing what you want to do in life.  For example, you are reading this post.  Is anybody stopping you from reading this post now?  The answer is no.  Let the excuses go so that you can do what you have been designed to do in your lifetime.

4. Stay set apart.  I have realized that many people in this world are very mediocre.  Do not allow for the mediocre masses to bring you back down to be average.  Set yourself apart from the mold of society.  Be unique.  Remain established!  When you keep people off of you that attempt to drag you down, then you will be able to focus on what lies ahead.

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