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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 43): Endurance

Part 43 of the series ‘Manifestation over Rebellion’ will focus on the topic of endurance.  We all need the concept of endurance in order to deal with the circumstances of life.  Too many people are committing suicide because they no longer had the capability to endure whatever he or she was going through at that particular time.  We must choose life over death.  These four steps will give you the endurance that you need so that you can make it to the finish line.

1. Carry the burdens of others.  If you see someone that is down, then pick that person up.  Helping out others in a time of need will cause some for some awesome things to happen in the future.  First, the person that you helped will have a victorious result.  The less people that are down around you means that life becomes more uplifting.  Next, that experience of helping someone else out will be valuable the next time that you are in a bind because practice makes perfect.  That experience will make you stronger in the long run.  Finally, the help that you give to others will return back to you when the time comes that you need some help.

2. Forgive others.  Do not hold on to grudges with other people because that type of attitude leads to bitterness.  You have to forgive so that your future will not be affected.  You have to forgive so that you do not quit.  You have more to give because you are breathing.  Forgive and move on with your life.  The mediocre masses never take the high road.  Nevertheless, taking the high road means that you will be going in a new direction that will broaden the gap between you and them.

3. Do not quarrel with others.  There is no need to argue with someone else because each and every person has the ability to choose.  Every person is unique, so everyone is not going to agree with you all of the time.  Most of the time, people tend to argue just to see if they can cause you to lose control.  Never allow what someone else says to emotionally wreck you.  The ability to tolerate others will give you the ability to deal with the most unreachable people on this planet.

4. Expect nothing back in return.  Greed must no longer be something the motivates you.  Keeping your motives clear will prevent you from using up all of your endurance going down the wrong path.  Choose to do things the right way instead of the hard way.

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  1. A very well-written publication, dear friend … if all of these principles and instructions were to be adhered to, it would be too beautiful in the world, and everyone would be ideal, which in practice is as soon as possible … do you agree with me?

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