Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 28): Don’t be scared!

“Have you not been entertained?”  Thank you to all of those that have checked out one or all of the previous 27 parts of this wonderful series of showing how fighting to fulfill your destiny will even overcome your own self-aversion to the calling that is over your own life.  Since you have gone beyond the point of return, there is no choice but to continue forward.  There is no turning back.

Now, we now embark upon the 28th step in this journey.  I’m glad that you have made it this far because the number 28 represents perfect instruction.  Use these four steps so that you will never be scared of anyone or anything ever again.

1. Keep your focus upon your goal.  The thing that you focus upon is the thing that you will become.  If you focus upon your desired destination, then you will eventually reach that destination because your vision will allow for you to gauge your current situation.  You will be able to see how far away you are from your goal.  You will be able to see what obstacles are in your way.  After this assessment, you will be able to achieve your goal with the minimum amount of resistance.

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2. Watch who you keep around you.  The closer you keep people around you that do not look to encourage you, the more they are able to hurt you.  I have learned that an increased level of knowledge is gained through solitude because the information that you are discovering is usually not the information given to the mediocre masses that are around you.  Keep everyone at arm’s length.  Reach!

3. Do not keep yourself vulnerable to attack.  You need to evaluate what your weaknesses are so that you can strengthen yourself in those areas because those that are looking to destroy you see your weaknesses before you even see them.  Realize that a person will attack you because he or she thinks that you are weak.  Nobody attacks a strong person because a strong person is willing to fight back.  You guard your heart with self-discipline.  Watch what you say, watch what you hear, and watch what you say.

4. Do not allow for unfortunate circumstances to devour you.  From time to time, we all go through different types of storms in our lives.  Instead of staying in the storm, decide to go through the storm.  Even though you fall down, you have to get back up.  Rise up!

Please let me know if these posts are helping you out in the comments.  Thank you!

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