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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 27): Relay

If something is recorded, then it will eventually end up on television.  That’s what I was thinking about while watching the replay of the Crufts Flyball Championship.  For the 50th annual Crufts Flyball Championship in Great Britain, groups of four dogs go against each other in a relay tournament.  People actually pay money to watch these races in person.

Then, I realized that everyone is interested in a good relay race.  In the Summer Olympics, the track and field relays and the swimming relays are some of the most interesting events.  Also, the speedskating relays are very exciting during the Winter Olympics.

For such an important number as 27, I had to go the exciting route with the focus being on relay.  Twenty-seven is three times three times three, which is the ultimate in manifestation.  Nothing can stop this concept of relay when you put this concept into practice.  As like with the other 26 parts, this part will also have four steps to follow.

1. Desire to listen.  Before you can relay information to someone else, you must first listen.  Listening allows for you to obtain information.  Once you obtain the information, then you must use that information in a way that makes you productive.  For example, when you start a new job, you must first gain training.  After you receive training, then you are able to work on your own.

2. Tell others what you have learned.  After experiencing the information that you have really works, then you will be able to relay that information to others.  You are not supposed to go through life neglecting to tell others about things that would be beneficial to them.  The Dead Sea is dead because water only flows in, but no water flows out.

3. Listen some more.  The cycle of information then starts again.  Learning never stops.

4. Eliminate pride.  Usually in a relay race, there are usually four stages.  No one person does all four stages of a relay race because that would look stupid.  That is what pride looks like.  You cannot win the race by yourself.  You will always need help from time to time.

Source:  Video is from Crufts & Youtube.  Pic is from Pixabay.

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