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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 23): Self-control

The name for this part of the series was rather easy to figure out because the number 23 represents the lack of self-control.  Therefore, this series will be coincidentally about the topic of self-restraint.  Here are four tips that will allow for you to maintain control during circumstances beyond your control.

1. Be committed.  Whatever cause that you have a passion for, remain committed to that particular cause.  For example, I like to watch sports a lot.  Keeping my mind focused on sports on a daily basis allows for me to pivot that same daily intense focus upon finding a solution whenever an abnormal situation arises within my life.  Focus leads to commitment.

2. Utilize the resources that you have.  The solution to your problem is right next to you, but you have not realized it as yet.  You must use self-discipline in order to unclutter your mind.  Instead of wanting new things, utilize the things that you already have.  Take an inventory of what you already have.  Knowing what you already have will eliminate boredom and will allow for your mind to remain focused.

Also, you need to know what resources you have whenever you face opposition.  If your opposition attacks you in one way, then you have to look at your resources in order to find out what you can use for a successful counterattack.  Like in chess, you make your next move based upon the previous move of your opponent and upon the amount of pieces you have left on the board.

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3. Learn how to say no.  This step used to be so difficult to me because saying no made me feel like I was being a jerk to other people.  However, I learned that if you give the wrong person access, then you will lose your self-control.  No access means that there are less negative influences within your life.

4. Know your boundaries.  If you feel that you are about to cross the line, then reign yourself in.  You have to set standards within yourself that you know that you will never cross.  This type of commitment on a daily basis will allow for you to regain confidence.

If you made New Year’s resolutions, then these steps will allow for you to maintain them for this entire year.

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  1. I think learning to say ‘No’ to the evil and ‘Yes’ to goodness has helped me a lot. But self-control did not come to me unless I called ‘Jesus as my Lord’. Even though, when I was knowing God, things were out of my control for a while until God Himself made it controlled for me. I remember that I had to call upon God in tears to keep me self-controlled.


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