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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 22): Self-Evaluation

During this age of information, the term ignorance has taken on a different form of meaning.  Usually, a person that is known to be ignorant is someone that does not take the time to access or acquire knowledge.  However, many people have access to new knowledge like never before due to the internet.  Nevertheless, the meaning of ignorance in our day and age can now be defined as someone that willfully ignores the truth even though he or she is wrong.  This form of ignorance can only be defeated through self-evaluation.  Here are four steps that can help anyone in their journey of bettering oneself.

1. Acknowledge your bad habits.  You know your own vices.  Instead of covering up your faults, look for solutions in order to fix your deficiencies.  Admitting the problem is always the first step to recovery.

2. Do not step outside of the boundaries.  Certain laws cannot be broken.  For example, the law of gravity ensures that a person will fall down if he or she is not standing upon a solid foundation.  Also, there are certain boundaries that one should not cross from a lifestyle point of view, such as not stealing from someone or not murdering someone.  Basically, do what you are supposed to do.

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3. Do not waste what you have.  Do not allow for other people to influence you in a negative direction because those types of people are only looking to take your resources.  There is a reason why every internet page you click on has some sort of advertisement somewhere on the screen because marketers know that some people will go astray from what he or she was searching for and will click on the ads.

4. Obedience is necessary.  Taking heed to your conscience will minimize the mistakes that you will make because your conscience is your moral compass.  Your conscience is able to discern between the grays in life so that you see things clearly in clouded circumstances.

Self-evaluation is the key that will unlock good results for you in 2019.  Have a Happy New Year!

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