Making it through a tough time.

Making hard decisions has always brought me down in a major way. I am trying to hold on to the faith that I will make it out of a situation that I got into by helping someone. It’s been three months and no good has come of the help that I have offered to him. He has made no proper changes to make his life better. I feel like I could get stuck in a tough situation if I don’t stop helping and toss him on the street.

I asked his mom to take him back in but she refuses. I have a soft heart that seems to be getting walked on. In four days I need to make a tough decision that I hope I can live with. During these hard days, I feel it would be terrible to even begin this process. But in the end, it could be me that ends up on the street.


What do you think?


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  1. It’s hard and tough. But if he isn’t trying to improve, you are just enabling him to do nothing. He knows he has a “free ride” and place to stay.

    Been there with one of my kids and her bf. We let them stay in our house in LA. Low rent to help with house note and they pay utilities. Well we ended up paying utilities several times and no rent. Told them to look for another place, never did. Flood hits in 2016 and they want the FEMA money and tried to file. Their application was denied because they were not the homeowners. And the bf really fell out saying this wasn’t fair. Hello?? We had 2 feet of water in the house and need to make major repairs to the house. Plus they left us with over $800 water bill because he bypassed the water meter so they could get free water. Yeah we are the bad ones….

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