Making Circles – 1

It was Laurie’s standard diatribe.

The first I heard it, we were in 7th grade. We were now attending college. It was the basic;

“My parents treat me like a child..” only this time, she had a suitcase, and she really was leaving town.

Laurie was so busy with herself, as usual, that she didn’t see the tears rolling down Shaun’s face as she walked away, pulling her suitcase. He stood there, looking after her.

She didn’t know he loved her, really loved her.

Laurie only thinks of Laurie and would do what Laurie wanted to do, when Laurie wanted to do it, and no one could change her mind.

So, deciding she was all grown up and no longer would put up with her parents, she had packed her case and was going up the road to the train station.

She would, being Laurie, pass the cafe where we were to meet, to tell us she was going. There were a pile of us meeting there, as Laurie knew.  That was why she would come by, with the suitcase so she could make her announcements.

She paid no attention to Shaun or me, her so-called Best Friend, for she was performing for the group. Shaun was not her boyfriend.  He was in the category of acquaintance/friend for she never saw how he looked at her.  I did, because I was in love with him.

I suppose this was pretty obvious, save to Shaun, who didn’t see me, and to my Bestie who only saw her face in a mirror.


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Written by jaylar

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