Love the way you lie.

Male gentlemen put on piles of gifts and flowers to express love to their fiancé, but a young Vietnamese boy has tattooed his fiancé picture on his waist and bear the needle pain for 24 hours.
The 22-year-old Truong van Lam made his fiance’s colorful tattoo, which took 24 hours in three stages to complete. The first phase was completed in November last year, which took 8 hours, followed by two more steps, which lasted only 9 and 6 hours, respectively, after that, his 20-year-old girlfriend and fiancée Laong’s tattoo is complete, which is exact to her picture.

Earlier, the young man had made a girlfriend’s name and birth date tattoo on his chest. In addition, he has also made two crowned tattoos on his and his girlfriend’s name on his wrists.

Tattooed images went viral on social media, but people also expressed negative views on it, and many people said that when the young man will be separated from his fiancee, he would realize his emotional mistake, but Truong said, . he does not  cares of any one and he is happy with his actions.


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