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Solitude is a feeling with which it is sometimes very difficult to handle. There is no person who at least a few times in her life did not feel lonely. The feeling of loneliness is influenced by a number of factors, and most often it is an unwelcome environment.


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Loneliness is a feeling that every person experiences at least occasionally due to a disorder of life rhythm. Moving, breaking relationships, quarreling with friends, overworking the work, etc., create a temporary unpleasant feeling of alienation and abandonment that usually does not last long and does not lead to any more lasting consequences. However, chronic loneliness is something else. When it becomes too short, it becomes a problem.To make friends, you need to make an effort. It is unlikely that somebody would want to be your friend if you are always sheltering.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. I know someone that has mental health issues, and he was alone for a long long time. All he looked at was his four walls. He did not have a happy childhood. He doesn’t know alot about accepted behavior because he wasn’t around people, very much.

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