Living in a safe place (the Amish lifestyle)

Hello Everyone how was your 4th f July? I hope it was a safe one & all went well for everyone, mine was great.



I wonder how many of you know about how the Amish came to be in america? Well they started in PA & has worked their way in certain parts of the USA like Ohio, Indiana, & some other parts of the country you may have a neighbor that’s a Amish descendant or culture  that may have left the lifestyle & was shunned out in some way, but that just something you never know these days WHO’S your neighbor till you find out maybe 1 day.

I think the way their lifestyle is isn’t for EVERYONE but (yes there’s a BUT in this) I think it’s a good way to be oh now WAIT B-4 you go off on the deep end on this, there’s a REASON why I say & think this way hear me out 1st cause there’s a lot of things us “AMERICAN’S” do that they don’t do that we SHOULD be doing as THEY do.

Huh? yeah read that again & then THINK just how the Amish live & be at peace unlike us american people live our ways are WAY far from what theirs are & they live in peace & the crime rate is WAY WAY down from ours think about it how often do you hear about the crimes in a Amish town or area do you hear about? NONE.

Here’s a little tidbit of just how the Amish live & raise & teach their kids & respect their elders or parents as well as live a lifestyle that a lot of us Americans can’t seem to grasp of how to live the way they do & be happy. Amish Way of Life

If you want to learn something VERY interesting the link about Amish living is JUST that very interesting cause they do things that american people take for granted like doing things without power & living off the grid & working from sun up to sun down everyday on the farms from the age of 10 up, we American people can’t do that cause we have OTHER things we rather be doing, I have to give the Amish a THUMBS up & a praise.

Here’s something else that just might peak your interest on how they live & do what they do that we don’t, just think about what you hear in this short video of how they do things & look how we do things it’s a lot different. Thank you for stopping by I’m looking to hear what you have to say about this the more the merrier :>} chow.


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  1. It is certainly a different way of life and much safer and healthier. Having said that they simply live like people did when there was no electricity and modern conveniences. However, even though I know I would be able to find something to do in the old days having been spoiled by electricity I could never do without my window to the world the Internet.

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