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Little Things matter

Some years back I found a doll on the street when on one day in the year they had inorganic rubbish thrown out on the road.

I found this doll in the Thumbnail and she was covered in marker pen, her dress was filthy and she was thrown out on the street.

As a child I used to wait every Christmas for a doll and none ever came. Our cousins used to get dolls every Christmas and within 5 minutes the dolls were pulled apart. 

I picked her up, washed her up and took her to Doll hospital in our area and the marker was removed. She is now a treasure I will keep.

Also here some small things from the garden.

Do you think that little things count? I do and there are no “little people in my life”, maybe some are small in size but they often come with a kind heart so that is huge to me..

#1 White Orchid

Mum gave me this, White Orchid and Purple Orchid. It grows in the tree and it is easy to grow.

#2 Pink Geranium

My husband's older sister Tory gave me a cutting and now it grows everywhere. It is very beautiful.

#3 Cherry Blossoms

Tells us of spring

#4 Spider Plant & White Orchids

I am so glad both are in this plum tree

#5 Cherry Tree

One thing I don't understand. It has old autumn leaves and new blossoms have appeared all at once. 

#6 Uncle Harmond’s Rose

It is a mini Rose, but Uncle Harmond was kind and still fixing the roof while on the roof at 80 years of age. I plant cuttings to remember him. 

What do you think?

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