A Little Motivation: LIFE!

I have for some reason kept mute about the fact that I get pissed when I hear people try to play the “victim’s card” on life, supposedly the reason for their failure or weakness in facing their individual challenges that comes with each passing day.

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I am determined not to let life wined down on me while wasting time looking for reasons to give for any of my inadequacies, weakness, failures or nonchalance at anytime.

You might ask, Why? Here is the reason; there is no challenge or seemly impossible situation that is thrown at me that is peculiar to me. It may seem so, but, if I accept that lie, it becomes my greatest undoing. At that moment when we begin to feel like our problems are unique to us, and that we are the only persons that has ever had such challenge, then we unconsciously or consciously boxed ourselves to the corner where the myth of impossibility rule as king.

It is human nature to want to be defensive, in this case by giving excuses for our frailties, when we “miss the mark” at any endeavour we journeyed into. It is at this point that the successful get ahead from the average human. For the successful is persuaded that life owes him nothing and especially no apologies for his predicaments, and because he realise this truth he/she does not put up a “pity me” countenance. He dust himself/herself, and most importantly, learn from his/her mistakes on how and why they had failed in the first place.

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I know you might be wondering, what exactly is my point? I am trying to stir you up to never be satisfy with excuses or become comfortable with your average life (whatever that means to you) because of the number of times you have failed in the past trying out new things. The danger of being comfortable with excuse is, it becomes your very graveyard. For at that state of life, you are dead to motivation, and life becomes burring to remain in. In no time stress sets in easily and suicidal thoughts become an option of escape.

You just must be resolute about life to conquer her. I repeat myself again, LIFE OWES YOU NOTHING not even the air you breath. Approach life this way and you will never be stocked at any point for too long.

You failed? Then get up and quite giving excuses or playing the victim’s card on life, because eventually, it is you against life.

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Written by Adejoh


  1. It is like the advice in the Rocky Balboa movies where Rocky Balboa lectured his son that to be a winner we all must learn to roll with the blows that our enemies send at all of us when he strive to be all we can be.

  2. Life is a mystery, and that is its uniqueness. Even after so much of our blind area turns into a comfort zone. Often the comfort zone actually exacerbates blindness, fake, trapping or misleading. That is why we must continually learn in the school of life, or university of the universe to take wisdom from its source. A wise and good post, Adejoh!