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Lisa Anderson has been eating John Sons baby powder for 15 years

Worldwide, talcum powder is applied to the body, but a surprising news has come out regarding the talcum powder which has shocked everyone. This news belong to UK where there is a woman who eats talcum powder and 15 years have passed since the addiction.

The 44 year old  Lisa Anderson and till now she has bought 8,000 pounds worth of talcum powder. She is so addicted to this addiction. that eat up to one bottle of powder a day. She is the mother of 5 children and also divorced.

Lisa said, I apply talcum powder on my hands several times a day and while doing so, I also eat it, even at night, I need to eat powder. I used to eat this powder secretly from my ex-husband. I used to go to bathroom for eating powders from my husband repeatedly at night and he used to ask me why you again and again go to the bathroom.

Now Lisa contacted the doctors who tell her that she has a PICA disorder. It is a disorder in which the person suffering from it begins to eat such things, which are not food, for example paint, dirt, etc.

Lisa said that 15 years ago I started eating powder and in those years I may have spent at least two days without eating powder Otherwise, I am eating powder several times a day. Johnson’s Baby Powder is my favorite powder that I eat the most.

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