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Life is so Precious!

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Here is a map of the human heart, but it’s the physical one, the one we experience is this but it seems so much more!

“Guard your heart! It’s the wellspring of life!” I believe that quote came from King Solomon in the bible. It’s still relevant today for everyone.

What is our life for? Life is for living! That’s what life is all about…Im sure that there is so much more to life than just mowing the lawns, unblocking the drains and keeping up all appearances as if that is all that matters.

The heart is like a road map, and when you think about it, we rely on the physical heart in our bodies all our lives.

I’ve been up Auckland’s Sky tower once, and seeing the roadways from way up in the air, it shows us the Auckland’s heart of traffic, people coming and going. Life is like a Railway station. People come and then people go. We are often times blessing by just meeting them!

Now, back to the point of the human heart!

My sister, Felicity who is older by 2 years recently recovered from a serious heart condition and is very much alive! Thanks to a top New Zealand Heart surgeon! Now recovering!

Here’s something that I can say for her

My thanks for all concerned for bringing her back into this world alive! She is so precious to the lives of so many and very much loved!

The people we have here in our lives are so precious, treasure them all. If money is all we want, then money is all we will get!.

I’m so sure that our lives are far more precious than being here to mow lawns, unblock drains and have a clean supreme image. How much we care is worth so much more, than how much we know. If we spend our lives caring for others and letting them know that they are loved, isn’t that much more than how clever we are becoming so rich?

There is far more good in this world than most people realise. My thanks to all who read this post. If you can, mention a member of your family that you are thankful just for having them around. I look forward to my sister, Felicity being well again!


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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