Life As An Uber Driver : Basics

Whether wanting food delivered or needing a ride somewhere rideshare companies generally tend to answer the call. Uber is one of the top rideshare companies used for anything dealing with grocery shopping, getting to a flight on time, or taking a trip out of town. Since the pandemic a lot of times when riders request a trip they run into seeing no cars available, however, the trip request can still be paired with a nearby driver, even if it says no cars available. Even with the pandemic, Uber has taken as many steps as possible to make riders and drivers feel safe. Enforcing drivers to wear a mask by having them snap a photo with the mask on before going online. They have also given riders and drivers the option of reporting whether or not a mask was worn. Once receiving more than one complaint the account is deactivated. Drivers and riders make sure to mask up.

Uber pro

There are four Uber pro statuses. Each status offers new perks and incentives. The amount of trips completed along with acceptance rate and star rating affects the status. In the beginning stages, the Blue reward is given. As a blue member, there is not much that is given. As a gold member more incentives are given to the driver such as seeing the distance of the trip. As progression is made a driver can advance to platinum. Here the amount of time and distance can be seen when a trip request comes through. The last reward is diamond. This reward shows the amount of time it will take to get to the passenger along with the amount of time the trip should last once starting the trip.

Understanding the acceptance rate can be a little confusing. Beginning on the app it was understood that a rider can affect the acceptance rate, however, this is not true. The rate is based on the number of trips the driver accepts. If a rider decides to cancel the trip while the driver is on a current trip or en route to them it will not affect the acceptance rate. This rate is very important when trying to reach the Diamond Uber pro status.

Earning summary

Looking for a breakdown of earning. The weekly summary shows the amount made from Monday to Sunday. At first glance, it shows the start and end date with a bar graph showing the days worked. It also shows the amount of time worked online, the number of trips completed, and points earned. For an in-depth look into the earnings simply click on see details. This will allow a breakdown for actual earnings along with the days worked breakdown.

To get access to a breakdown for that day just tap on the day in question. The app gives the stats for that day which includes the amount of driving time, number of trips, and points earned. Underneath a breakdown of earnings can be found this shows the net fare, promotions, and tips. To learn about what Uber takes out and get a more detailed view of how much was made on trips tap on see earnings activity.

The earning activity allows access to a breakdown for each trip. Once tapping on the activity button then choose a trip. Here the driver sees the starting point and ending point, the earnings made, and how it was calculated. The trip detail gives a complete breakdown. It shows the trip duration and distance, vehicle type, date and time requested, points earned, what was paid to the driver and breakdown, customer price, and what was paid to Uber. This section can help a driver determine whether or not driving for the company is worth the time and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Amount of Time vs Number of Trips

Uber allows a driver to drive for up to twelve hours before kicking them off the app. While driving for Uber a driver can make anything between $10 – $20 an hour. However, staying on the app for the full twelve hours does not mean the total will be $1,200 for the day once surges/promotions and tips are included the amount made for the day can actually be greater than expected. When deciding to go full time it is best to create a schedule. Doing this can help with becoming familiar with roads and getting regular passengers. Also, remember just because eight hours were put in and $200 was made does not mean that will happen every time. If surges are more frequent on Tuesday then Wednesday there will be a change in how much is earned.

Wearing a Mask and Speaking

A recurring issue that is seen when riders and drivers come in contact is lack of communication. If at any time something feels unsafe speak up. As a rider, if the driver is not wearing a mask there is nothing wrong with asking them to put one on and vice versa. However, not saying anything, but turning around to report the person does not give them a chance to fix the problem. As individuals we need to keep in mind not everyone has a problem with not wearing a mask. The policy says one should be worn by both rider and driver, however, that is not always the case.

Few people understand the importance of speaking when walking into a room, however, whether it’s a room, house, or someone’s car it is the same. Speaking does not mean a lengthy conversation has to take place. It shows gratitude and respect. A lot of times riders get into a car without speaking even after the driver speaks and it comes off rude. While we get a rider may be hard of hearing or just do not want to speak. Just to show some gratitude by at least thanking the driver before getting out.

Car Maintenance

Working part-time or full-time makes a difference in how often maintenance is performed. Typically every six months a car needs an oil change, however, if working full-time expect to go every three to four months. Once achieving a certain amount of trips CarAdvise is offered. CarAdvise gives a driver discount on every car maintenance service. They do not typically work with dealerships such as Nissan or Carmax. Pepboys, Jiffy Lube, Firestones, and more companies can be found on the website. Discounts can be around twenty percent which helps a lot with getting all the work done to safely travel to and from places.


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