The one simple word means completely different things to different people.

It separates worlds and yet no one can give a clear description of what exactly it is.

Ups and downs, tortures and torments, nightmares and misery’s that you assume will never end but it will … in time … Eventually … it will.

There are happy times as well and it may not seem like there are many of those but thats because its human nature to tend to dwell on the negative aspects and memories rather than focusing on the positive ones.

For some the nightmare of uncertainty never ends and for others the start of a new day is unclear …

It doesn’t seem right what life does, life cannot replace something great that it rips away from your life.

Everything happens for a reason, do these reasons ever become known, and are we ever informed of why certain things happen the way that they do

The truth is unknown.

Life doesn’t play fair, so why should we?


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