Liars Have Sugar Tongues

When I was a little kid, going to primary (elementary) school, there was a girl who lied about everything.  That was not the shocking part.   The shocking part was that everyone believed her absolutely.

No matter what she lied about, people believed her.

She was so good, so credible that we, who were there, who saw and heard and knew, were knocked over.

As we grew up, she kept to her lying. And kept being believed absolutely.   If you said it was raining, and she said it wasn’t, people would go outside into the rain, believing it wasn’t raining.

She could fool anyone, and she did it so effortlessly.

Once, she told a girl named Margie that another girl, Samantha, had called Margie’s mother and told her that Margie had cut class to be with her boyfriend.   Margie lambasted Samantha and refused to hear a word.

That Samantha wasn’t even in the city at the time of the call never reached Margie’s brain.

Standing there, witness to how liars are believed created a kind of ‘Li-Dar’ where I check things for myself.  The fact is, professional liars are always believed, which is why there are so many scams and tricks and rips that are always successful.

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