Letters From Vietnam

January, 1967 Pleiku, Vietnam  Gloucester, Massachusetts

My bŕother Peter was sent to Vietnam in November 1966 and served there until January 1968. While my brother Peter was serving in Vietnam we exchanged letters every month. I would tell him about school and Cub Scouts. He sent me coins and South Vietnamese paper currency. He didn’t talk about the war except when I wrote asking if I could use his old camping gear. He said sure the army has given him a new set. In that letter he wrote “One more thing little brother…just join the cub scouts, boy scouts, no army, navy, marines, etc. cause I hope when its time for you there’s no need for them  anymore.”  When Peter returned the following year, he joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War & began to share more of his thoughts about the war and the harm it was doing to both America & Vietnam.


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Written by PaulPallazola

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  1. Your brother, Peter, had good sense and he was being a good brother when he gave you that advice. A visit to several of Vietnam museums will give one a perspective of why war should not be allowed in the first place. Vietnamese are admirable people. And your brother had no choice because of the system.


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