Les Moonves US TV chief resigns on sexual harassment charges

Les Moonves 68-year-old Chief Executive of American Television and Radio Network ‘CBS’ executive has resigned on several female employees reported sexual harassment. CEO CBS Les Moonves has resign till the investigation is completed. Until  investigation is completed, Joseph Lanei will take the CEO position of the company.

The first charge of sexual harassment against the CEO of CBS reported in July, When these women shared a sexual harassment on the social media by Me too Hash Tag in 1980, A producer and a writer linked to the television network also gave an image proof against the CEO, as more recently 6 women reported sexual harassment against Les Moonves.

American Media powerful personality has denied the allegations of sexual harassment against him and said, these women are accusing them of getting cheap reputation and this is very tragic allegations.

Be clear the  social media-driven Icon Tag campaign was launched by the leading women of international show biz in which described sexual abuse incidents and it became top trend in the world in a few days, After which many personalities had to resign.


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