Learning to Like Your Own Company

Down the hall, Dena is singing. It’s annoying and I turn up the radio not to hear her. Dena is not singing because she is happy, she is singing because she is alone and can not bear her own company.

Most times she’ll be talking loud on the phone, or having conversations that you need not ‘eavesdrop’ on because she is so loud, you can hear every word.

Dena needs to have people around her because she doesn’t like herself.

There is no mystery, no debate. Dena can not stand being alone.

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Unlike her is Michael.

Even as a little boy, could sit alone with a book and never notice if the house was full of people or empty. If Michael wanted to see something, he had no problem going on his own.  This is because Michael has no problem with his own company.

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Michael can walk on the road, without the phone to his ear. Michael can prepare his meals without needing the T.V. blasting or the radio on, because Michael had no problem with Michael.

You can tell people who have a problem with themselves.

If they are alone, they start a sing/screech to fill the corners. This isn’t like a hum or a little ditty sung under the breath, this is trying to fill the room with noise.

When people come around they need to talk loud to get attention. They can spend hours on the phone talking and talking, because they need to prove they are Not alone.

You have to learn to like your own company. To listen to your inner self, to create interests for yourself. You can’t expect the world to entertain you, and should not annoy other people


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