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Know more about Why girls don’t show their face pictures on social networking sites?

Hi to all my friends I am fine here and I hope you all also fine in your countries or cities. So guys today I am talking about that why girls not show their face in social network sites but some girls are not worried about their pictures they easily show their pictures but today I am just talking about those girls who don’t show.

I am also a girl and yes I know the answer that why we do that. Well some girls post their pictures and some don’t and I am one of those who don’t show face image ever. Well guys we all know that all types of people are living in this world, negative and positive people. Positive people spread positive thinking and positivity and we all know nowadays what negative peoples are doing, so what is our duty? Our duty is to be very careful in this world and in every field of our life.

Well lets come to my point/answer, usually girls are very conscious about their pictures because there is so many negative people around us who stole girls pictures and then they put their pictures in other sites and then they misuse and they also start black mailing. This thing is not only boys doing now girls also doing this I don’t understand why people are doing this? When I am seeing this type of cases I only thought that these types of people have their family, friends, brother, sister, wife, husband, daughter, and son?

Negative people didn’t think because they don’t care about their family, friends and etc. Because their mind is full of negativity, bad thinking, and they also they didn’t care ALLAH is watching everything when they do wrong they also facing problems in their future life.

Yeah this is the answer why girls don’t show their face I am always double careful so friends now everyone got their answers about this question and topic, usually boys having this questions loll.

So guys are you scare to post your personal pictures on social networking sites?

What do you think?

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