Kittens, Kids and Homework Woes

As you can see the kittens are getting bigger and hopefully soon Little Miss will be able to take hers home, that’s if she stops making excuses not to do her homework lol.  Bella doesn’t mind posing for a pic

Meanwhile Garfield would rather find a comfy place to nap lol.

Little Miss is being Little Miss trying to get out of homework Lol!  She was supposed to come over today so we could do homework but threw a fit so she didn’t I’m sure I will be on homework duty tomorrow.  We’ve already discussed the importance of education and how her Mom says she needs to get on top of her homework before she takes Colby-Jack home.

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  1. Both of my sons were horrible at doing their homework. Grown now, I am really glad that part is over. I had a few teachers tell me, I don’t know how he does it. Speaking about both of them. They got 0’s for homework grades. but would ace every test at 100%. Still though, that made their gpa at about a B.!!!

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