What is kindness and why are we talking about it? In my world kindness is a habit that you simply choose to create and invite into your life. Let’s take a look at a definition.




the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

synonyms: kindliness · kindheartedness · warmheartedness · affection · warmth · gentleness · concern · care · consideration · helpfulness · thoughtfulness · unselfishness · selflessness ·

a kind act: “it is a kindness I shall never forget”

So of you may look at the picture I choose to introduce the gallery and wonder why that choice was made. It certainly wouldn’t what most would call a beautiful bird. Some may even say it is ugly. Does that make it any less deserving of kindness? Not in my world.

I try to live my life with more kindness every day. It is a process and I am learning. Some days it is a struggle to just take the time to remember that words can be read, but tone can not always be conveyed. My hope is this gallery will remind me of kindness.


What do you think?


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