Killer Zombie Lint Ball From Hell!!

One day while out on the tractor bush-hogging the apple orchard, I brushed thru the lower branches, trying to cut up under the trees as far as possible. One branch had swiped across my neck and face, and I really thought nothing of it. I suddenly felt something on my neck, under my shirt collar, and smacked at it, for some reason thinking it was one of many horseflies that buzzed me constantly. I soon felt a burning sensation, and rolled what you see out of my shirt collar. By the time I got to the house, to wash my neck, which now felt like I had hot lava melting thru it, I was having breathing issues. Cold water splashed all over my neck face and head did nothing to relieve the agony. I had to continuously touch and confirm my neck was not physically melting into a blob of lava.

Obviously I survived this, with the pain subsiding after a few agonizing hours, to slowly nothing as most insect stings do.

The culprit as it is known is a Stinging Asp, with its fibrous hairs containing toxins, that deliver a painful sting only comparable  to by the Legendary Bullet Ant of South America. Asp are technically the larva stage of the Puss Moth, and Nature loving me says, Kill every one you see or come across. I cant imaging the pain children have endured after playing with these seamlessly harmless little “Lint Balls”. Tape can be used as I tried to pull these embedded hairs from the skin, but the damage is done. I’m posting this hoping to raise awareness to something most don’t know exists.


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  1. So I read they like fruit trees of all varieties, and are as i said most often picked up by children wanting to play with them. They do seem to be fairly rare in this area, considering i never knew of them till over 30 years of age.

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