Juhi Chawla in Pakistan – Greated Pakistan with Asalam O Alaikum

Famous Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla has come to a video scene in which she is telling that she is going to India with a gift of clothes from Pakistan. Few days ago, actress Juhi Chawla came to Karachi City of Pakistan to meet her close friends and relatives. During Karachi visit, she visited various places including cinema, restaurant and other places.

A video of Juhi Chawla has also come to an ordinary scene which she started with Asalam O Alaikum while telling that how happy she is to come to Pakistan, Juhi Said she is in a store in Pakistan and from here they have bought two very beautiful dress of children.

Juhi Chawla said while wishing that if my children were a little smaller then I would wear these clothes to them but they are now grown up. Actress Juhi has brought these beautiful clothes to India with herself.


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