Is there paradise? Yes, and I offer you the key to enter.

The title may seem pretentious, but I urge you to stay with me throughout this article. If you are interested in paradise, of course.

What is paradise?

Paradise is, for starters, an idea, a vision … And how many of those who imagine it are so many different visions … but let’s still try to define / describe it.

Instead of presenting my vision, which is just one of them, I will use the records of those who had, so to speak, a much larger fetish to paradise and devote more of their time and brain capacity to it.

The records dealing with this subject, you guessed it, are usually “holy books,” “ancient records,” “heavenly words that come down from heaven through men among men.”

It is our luck that paradise is described in some detail. Eg. if we combine what the Quran and the Bible say, we get that paradise is like a garden in the middle of a river. There is plenty of food and drink from all over the world and no one can be poisoned no matter how much they consume. This means that you can drink a lot of gemes without your head hurting.

In paradise, they are all clothed in white and waving palm leaves, and in the central place of paradise, lamb is roasted (Revelation 7: 9,10). There are lots of rooms around the main garden. White horses run around in the garden and loud, heavenly music is heard from the speakers.

There are also details about paradise that vary depending on the location where the description originated. Eg. tribes from the cold parts of the earth’s hemisphere imagine paradise as a warm place, while those in the south as comfortably chilled.

How to get to heaven?

Do you also want to taste paradise? Here’s a free guide that will allow you to get to the place that older generations dreamed of within an hour. It is important that you follow these instructions exactly as indicated. Otherwise, paradise might be missing.

  • On the day of the young moon, get in the car.
  • Drive to the outskirts of the big city.
  • Look around you. It’s dark. There is no moon. A few stars may have broken through the clouds.
  • In the distance you will notice a bright light. Sort of like a rainbow of colors, but at one point. For the first moment it will appear that it is just another star very close to the horizon, but careful observation will reveal that it is not.
  • Drive in the bright light. 
  • As the light gets brighter you will see that it is actually a set of lights of different colors that blend into one. 
  • When you get closer, you will notice that the light source is a shining structure. On her windows, the sky is radiating.
  • Get close to her. You will notice the entrance. Park nearby, but not too close not to usurp the paradise peace that reigns here.
  • Above the entrance will be the ancient message “Bershka – Muller – Benetton – Interspar”. This is a sign that you are in the right place.
  • Step into the mall.
  • Find the center of the center. Here you will be greeted by music, in the left store there is food from all over the world. The temperature is just ideal, neither cold nor warm. An artificial stream flows in the middle of the center. No one is hungry or thirsty. Parents toss coins into artificial horses so their children can ride them. You have arrived in paradise. You have arrived at a place that previous generations could only dream of.

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