Is Banning Of Fireworks Necessary?

Some people in this world wish to ban the private use of fireworks.

In New Zealand in November, there is a silly celebration of “Guy Fawkes”, on November 5th to celebrate over coming crooks who wanted to blow up the British parliament. Close to summer and a very silly reason to celebrate anything, as the so called crooks planned it a very long time ago, were tortured before they died. Who really cares about that.?

While it may be appropriate for England, and I suspect, it’s the reason to let off fire works, why in New Zealand on the other side of the world?

We let off fireworks not for “Guy Fawkes”but for fun and to view pretty fire works. Now the sensible way to let off fireworks in New Zealand is in June when the Maoris celebrate their new year at Matariki! It would show them off nicely and you can admire the fire works better. Matariki is a time when the stars of the heavens show Pisces in our skies. This is the constellation of Plaides.

Here is my painting for Matariki celebration in 2 tones. Experimental idea. It is of Manukau Heads at night with the constellation of Plaides behind and the figure is a Maori faery, they can only come out at night. Purely fictional on my behalf. Appropriate to have “Fireworks” in Winter.

My husband Warwick’s painting of Matariki, here is Maui a famous Maori hero, with New Zealand on a fish hook, as the legend says, and the constellation behind him. He had a lot of feed back from the Art class and it’s done in acrylic paints.

I don’t believe in banning Fireworks, any more than I believe in banning people from having fun. Life is short, so why prevent children and adults from having fun. Fun should be legal.

Yes, fireworks is dangerous, but if you are careful, children are supervised, pets put inside for the night and you are watchful, let the fireworks off and keep your distance then you are safe. Provided the fireworks that you buy are safe to use. Within reason.

Driving is dangerous, flying in a plane is dangerous, owning a fire arm is dangerous, owning toxic chemicals is dangerous, some governments have banned children climbing jungle gyms because that too is dangerous, the list is endless…Swiming is dangerous, kayaking is dangerous… At the end of the day going out your front door is dangerous and you dare not look above the covers of your bed on the day of Friday the 13th!

Care must be taken, enjoy your life but be very careful. I am a risk taker, I took my first flying lesson at 60 years of age because, I wanted to know how a plane works. Yes, I take risks, but every one is calculated even if I am a messy person trying to do 30 things all at once.  Life is a risk. You are sometimes bound to become bruised or get scrapes. Get over it!

Be Careful and don’t try to do something that you when you don’t understand what you are doing. Research and learn, only put yourself in the water, feet first!


What do you think?


Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • Sometimes an accident happens but seldom does. There is always an exception. Generally put a fire works away in a field from everything else, keep pets inside. When you light the fireworks get away from it very quickly and see what happens from a distance.
      Some fireworks should only be handled by the explosive experts.

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