Internet Speed: How to Check and Increase it

Internet connection is now considered as a basic utility for every household after electricity. Families, friends, and peers spend more time on the internet rather than with each other.

Streaming, downloading, gaming, browsing, and socializing are a few of the activities every individual loves to do.

However, there is an issue when you subscribe to an internet plan or renew the existing one. You might not get enough speed for what you are paying. You can get the speed for the price you are paying for. Let’s find out some steps you can follow.

How to Test Internet Speed?

How fast is your internet is easy to check. You can search for speed test websites. If you are unable to find any, here are some of the top ones you can use to check speed –, and

Run the test for your existing connection. However, if you want to test any other provider’s speed you have not subscribed to, you can simply choose the desired service provider and test the speed. If the desired ISP is not on the list, you can contact customer service and ask them to help you.

Normally the speed you are getting will be less than the advertised speed. But not in the case when you subscribe to Spectrum internet offering speed up to 1 Gig, no contract bindings, and unlimited data cap. What’s being advertised will be delivered to you without any doubt. In any case, if you find slower speeds than usual try reaching out número de teléfono de spectrum to address the issue and get it resolved instantly. 

How to Increase Your Internet Speed?

Try a Different Modem/Router

If you are facing slow internet even after complaining 100 times to customer support, it is time to change your equipment. You might have purchased a new modem five years back. But over time, the performance may deplete and you may face a dropout connection. Make sure to replace the equipment as early as possible to avoid slow internet and drop-out connections. If you are a gamer, try using Nighthawk, Asus, or TP-link for better performance.

Check Your Data Cap

One of the reasons for slow internet is reaching the data limits. Most of the service providers throttle the speed when the limit exceeds. It is better to check for an internet connection with unlimited data caps. Or evaluate your internet usage and find the provider offering plenty of data cap to meet your monthly requirement. The best way to check the usage is to find it on your bill.

Reset the Router

For how long you have not disconnected your router. Your router needs some break and refreshing your internet connection would help in increasing your speed. If possible, try to reset the modem/router every night before going to bed. Some routers also allow you to set a schedule at which they are going to reset without your interference.

Change Your Router’s Place

In most cases, people experience slow internet due to poor signals. The reason is that the router is unable to cover all parts of the home, resulting in poor signals. It is better to change the position of your router – somewhere in the center of the house. Or you can buy a Wi-Fi extender to get rid of it forever.

Upgrade Your Plan

Most internet users are not aware of how much internet speed do they need. Some people might opt for a higher plan to avoid issues, but end up paying more without any purpose. While on the contrary, some might underestimate their usage and opt for low-tier plans. Make sure to upgrade your plan according to your requirements to avoid slow internet. For instance, if there are streamers and gamers, you might need to have at least a 100Mbps internet connection.


When it comes to internet speeds, you will experience a roller coaster ride very often. Don’t worry, that’s normal. You need to check for your plans whether they are meeting your requirements or not. If your usage is quite high, the only way to increase speed is to upgrade your plan and opt for higher speed. The only way to get yourself hooked to the internet is to check your ISP and equipment. 


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