Inside the Capsule – 29

Margaret and her family didn’t stay for photographs or interviews after the graduation ceremony.

When Margaret left the stage and came to her parents, they stood and hugged her, and them,  as one, moved to the far side, and were half way out as the Principal closed the ceremony.

As the school anthem was sung, they left the venue.

They had no ambition to remain for  the after school celebration anymore than Margaret had thought of  the Prom.

As far as she was concerned, her sentence was up, the prison doors were open.

The family went home to have a private celebration and complete packing.

There was a special dinner for her father that night, and she and her mother attended.   They were polite and relaxed, knowing that their trial was over.

They left the function as early as they could, to get home, finish packing.

They spent the last night in their ‘cell’.

In the morning, Sam handed the keys to his second,  and the family drove back to the city.


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