Important Things I Carry in my Purse

There are a few things that I have learned that are important to carry in my purse. These items have to be small, since I don’t like huge purses. Some are for health, some are for emergencies, and some are for survival, in case I get caught out away from home with no transportation or lost somewhere.

People put importance on different items. These are my items.

1.  Money, credit cards, insurance cards – I would not carry a ton of cash, $20 should be good. I put mine in a place in my purse so I don’t spend it like everyday money. I always carry my credit cards. I never use them, but you never know when you may need emergency car repairs, or to stay in a motel, or to buy new clothes if yours get ruined. Insurance cards and info is a no brainer, you should never go out without these.

2.  Important paperwork – I carry a copy of my birth certificate and marriage license. I also carry a list of my insurance policy numbers and important phone numbers such as insurance agent, financial adviser, doctor, dentist, pharmacy, hospital, bank, and three or more of my (dependable) relatives. Yes, I have all this in my phone, but batteries can go dead, phones can get broken, stolen or lost. Write important numbers down on paper, that way you will have them no matter what.

3.   Three days worth of any medication you take. Make sure to switch it out every month or two. Add a few pain killers if you have access to them, and make sure to include aspirin.

4.   Granola bars in case I get caught out with no food or a place to buy some.

5.   Small first aid kit

6   Sunglasses

7.   Small flashlight

8.   Lighter

9.   Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman tool

10. Stun Gun (this may not be legal in your state, it is in mine)  If it is not legal, or you are not comfortable carrying a stun gun, then you can carry a key chain self defense item or a kubotan.

This may seem like a lot of stuff, but actually it’s not. I use travel size of most items, and the stun gun is not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes. I feel comfortable that I am ready for most any circumstance that could happen to me while I am out and about. I have an emergency bag in my car as well with more items in it, but the contents of that is for another article. 🙂

What do you carry in your purse?

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