I Was So Sad

I was feeling down. I was talking about some positive, happy habits and I realized that I was the only one here who was interested. Then I realized that I am the only one that can improve my attitude and life and be an example of what I hope to share.

I am going to start my days with movement, music and happiness.  So join me or not. I am going to be my own little shine light!

My husband just came by. He couldn’t hear the music. It was in my headset, but it didn’t stop him from swinging his hips and giving me a little twirl, I am feeling great!

He wandered off a happier person and thrilled that I was smiling! Smiling is such a good habit and if music get me there, then life can be fairly simple. 

So every morning and every evening the next seven days I am going share my new happiness habit. If I am the only one that it makes happy, at least one person will have a happy habit!


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter