How to buy a wheelchair that gives full accessibility for disabled persons?

Wheelchairs should not just make moving around easy for the specially-abled, it should also make life more comfortable and easier than before. That is one reason most users now prefer electric wheelchairs although they are significantly costlier than their mechanical counterparts. Once you decide to go with an electric wheelchair, you will have to perform the complex task of finding the right technology, accessibility support, and dimensions to ensure complete comfort.

We have listed the seven defining features that can influence your choice of the wheelchair make, model, and technology.

Weight capacity – just like regular armchairs and seats, wheelchairs have weight limits. The most basic ones can support up to 300 pounds, but rapid weight gain after an injury is always a possibility. Therefore, if you or your loved one is standing at the brink of the maximum weight limit, you might want to consider a heavy-duty model, then you can continue to use after weight gain and successive loss.

Battery capacity – Some new wheelchairs can support up to 15-miles of the journey upon complete recharge of their batteries. The higher models offer full accessibility for disabled persons with high battery capacity and minimal charging requirements. These models may allow the wheelchair to run uninterruptedly for 25-miles. However, the age and type of terrain will determine the range of the battery. Find out how battery capacity can affect the cost right here at

Speed –When you rely on your wheelchair to get you places, speed is definitely a factor. In an electric wheelchair with rear drive getting high speed is easier than the regular power ones.

Turning radius – That is another crucial aspect of the wheelchair. It defines the free space necessary for it to do a complete 360-degree turn. Frame length, footrest angle and type, and seat size affect the turning radius of the wheelchair significantly.

Adjustability – the customization and personalization options in a wheelchair is essential to establish its usability. You will find add-ons that will make the experience more comfortable with easy recline, tilt and elevation options. The stand-up electric wheelchairs probably provide the ultimate comfort and support. They prevent pressure sores and improve quality of life.

Wheels –Where are the wheels on that wheelchair? Are they in the middle, back or front? While front-wheel drives are great for rugged terrains, real-wheel ones offer better speed, and mid-wheel drives provide better control. Take your pick depending on your control, speed and maneuvering needs.

Portability –Once wheelchairs were cumbersome. Some of them were around 100-120 pounds without the accessibility add-ons. Modern technology has enabled the users to opt for light-weight but heavy-duty designs that are sometimes as light as 50-pounds. Foldability, quick disassembling and reassembling options, and lighter weight has made it possible to carry these wheelchairs from one place to another, put them in the back of the car during a drive and pack them under the bad when not necessary.

It always helps to speak with an expert on wheelchairs and mobility before you make your buying decision. The best ones will not be cheap, but they will give you the power to move around on your own terms.


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