How Can We Expect Them to Understand

I haven’t had Little Miss since the second week of May, so we haven’t talked about the events involving George Floyd, shes with her family as her big brother E graduated yesterday, and her older sister and brother came to be here so I am glad for that, but I do know she is dealing with a lot of confusion and I fear low self esteem, she is getting help though and for that I am grateful but these are confusing times we live in and now it is more evident than ever, and I see it on all sides.

Shes confused at times, but honestly I cannot blame her, if I can’t grasp it all, how can an eleven year old, and if she hears hate, and again I’m talking about all sides how do we expect her not to think it’s okay, unless we have open dialogue. I don’t want her growing up thinking all police are bad, anymore than I expect her to agree with everyone but there is a difference between disagreements and hatred.  We can talk through disagreement, hate has no reasoning.

I’m not a parent, well I’m a pet parent lol, but I do have children in my life, and I work with children at least I did before COVID-19, but that’s another post for another day.

But how does one silence the voices that say violence is the answer, the voices that tell her it’s okay to say hateful words to others who disagree, and again it is not a one sided thing, I see it on all sides.

But the question remains how can we expect children to understand something we as adults can’t even begin to understand, but I do know dialogue is part of that.
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  1. i know that I struggled with that question when I was a teacher, I continue to struggle with the same question in the same way as a parent.

    What is the message what is the answer? We do the best we can do, we share what we know and we hope it is enough.

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