Home Decor Styles in Scotland 2020

Monday, August 3, 2020

This video is interesting because it is a home interior contest in Scotland.

Cottage style in mostly blue and white nautical look. Cluttered but clean to give it a lived-in but organized style.

Terra house in suburbia: it looks modern minimalist style. It involves being very selective to pick the right pieces. Tall windows and doors. It has artistic details, as well as traditional Scottish detailing. Cool wooden blinds screen separator. It also has a cool modern art architecture.

Eclectic house, filled with vintage 70s retro pieces, midcentury furniture, and one-of-a-kind unique pieces, looks colorful, but still highlight one’s collection. It looks homey and cozy, filled with personal collection. A 40s boudoir with unique pieces. It looks like a museum or art gallery.

The Cottage won with 28 points, Terra modern house got 27, and Eclectic house got 26. I thought they all were interesting in a different way, which fits a particular person’s personality and lifestyle, and will also affect their fashion style.

My townhouse looks similar to the Cottage-style house. The Terra modern home look likes a cool city home, while the Eclectic house looks like a cozy and fun gypsy BOHO home.

(There are more videos on this channel, displaying various house styles in Scotland).


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