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Here’s why we don’t need war to clear things up!

Some people say war clear things up, restore peace and order, but here’s why it doesn’t change things that much:

* It’s the people’s mind that’s making things possible.

So, no matter how many times we will make wars, it’s still wouldn’t help change people that much. What about those little darlings. What about their inherited thoughts and behaviors from their ancestors, or from us…

I think we need not war in order to change things, renew the world and clear things up. What we needed is “Renewal of the Minds” of the people. So that the renewed future leaders and followers will have sound minds to act and decide for the best of all humanities.

And did you know? Have you ever heard of Mind Programming? I have. So I’m going to share a link that will give you a free copy of Hypnosis Bootcamp to join many others in changing their old beliefs and old feelings that keeps on repeating over and over again since the beginning of time.

Enjoy listening for a change.

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Written by Roselyn Mina

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