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Hebrew for beginners

This is a book that I teach to beginners of Hebrew. It starts with the Hebrew letters and then adds the vowels. What is very useful is that the book uses Cognates, which are words that are similar to English words so that the student can easily understand. The approach is that each word  is beoken down into very simple segments. There is also handwriting practice. The student can use the CD to go over as many times as needed for practice.

After this book the student can move on to a more advanced book and learn Hebrew grammar.


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  1. I have 28 private students each is studying at his or her own pace and for the most completely different material, most of them study twice a week, but three of them study with me 4 or 5 times a week. I have to plan lessons in Beginner Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, World history, English literature, clarinet, flute, guitar, harmonica, and Plato’s Republic.

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