Happy to be at work?

Hello everyone ever been so happy to be at work? Well I’m going to tell you a true story. It was July 27 I was told I had to go to another location to help out for 2 weeks. I’m like ok I’ll do it for the job. Get over there and place needs work really bad. 2 weeks go by and seeing why people don’t wanna work at this location. It sucks!! But gotta do what I gotta do.

I find out that they may wanna keep me at this location no hey you wanna stay nothing. So I just went with it. Hoping one day I could go back to my location and one day I went up to hr and asked when I’m going back and at first was like no your not going back well got little frustrated and she said come back in 2 hours. Went back after cooling down and guess what I got to go back!! Yay!!!!! I never was so happy to come back wanted to kiss the place!! But I didn’t….that’s why I’m so happy to be at work!!!!!!!!¡!!


What do you think?