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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to you

whether you be a Mum or a Mom or not…

Most women look after people

or animals or birds or insects like butterflies.

whether it be

your Mother, Father, Sister or Brother

or some one you care for at work

even just your husband

or even a neighbour.

Women all over the world

really do make a difference.

Every thought, deed or prayer to the good


All women are mothers of a type

All women are precious.

All women and men…count..


What do you think?


Written by Pamela Moresby

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      • We celebrate Mother’s Day in Indonesia on December 22.
        You are right that not all mother or women with children have been cherished as they should be. Many people don’t appreciate the hard role properly. We know that without our mother, women, we’ll never exist, but still, the respect feels less in many ways.

        I salute every woman in general, and especially the mother in particular.

    • Thanks Carol, I thought of what you said, then thought of one of my sisters. I make a point of wishing her a Happy Mothers Day. Her situation is different from yours.
      The other sister has everything that opens and shuts but no matter she is still my sister. I love them both.
      I cant wish my Brother a Happy Mothers Day.

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