Happy Birthday!!!!

Here is a common phrase that everyone either likes or hates depending on their current status of whatever…. age and other factors occurring in their lives.

H is for health,

A is for anniversary of life,

P is for perfect, maybe,

P is for pathetic, maybe depending on one’s feelings,

Y is for youthful thinking;

B is for birth, of course,

I is for incentive to keep going,

R is for raising cane, if permissible,

T is for truth in action,

H is for home,

D is for directness of living right,

A is for anxious feelings that may be felt,

Y is for Yeah, another year and still alive to live!!!!!


What do you think?


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Happy Birthday?

Birthday. The most special day of our lives. Or the most stressful one? Do you like celebrating your birthday? How do you celebrate birthdays in your country, and how do you celebrate them personally? I am curious to hear about your traditions and opinions.

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What do you think?

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  1. I think in any country people generally have different ways and habits and can change in celebrating birthdays.
    My own family always celebrates every family member’s birthday in various ways or events, depending on the conditions, but what is always and sure is at exactly 00 o’clock the first second, we congratulate those who have birthday and then give each other input or suggestions other.

  2. I always celebrate my birthday! It can be with someone or alone, with a party or a movie but I anyway like to remember/celebrate that day as I have been blessed with living another year, a thing not many people have the opportunity to do.

  3. Being an American-Latvian I am luckier than most. I was raised with both traditions and Latvians also celebrate Name’s Days. Meaning that the Latvian calendar has names for each date so when your name comes up that is your day. My birthday is March 1 and I can celebrate my Name’s Day on June 20. Both days I can get presents mostly on Name’s Days people bring flowers and candy.

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