Haiku Poem: Life Lessons

Life has taught me many things about this life. What is our purpose for our life?  I have been praying all the way to work and back about a sensitive situation. If I do what my sensitive nature nudges me to a certain person will be happier, but if I don’t act on a certain situation bad things could happen. Acting one way could help someone but also it could her someone else dear to me. 

Here is a Haiku poem

The good and the bad

Can teach us how to value

The purpose of life


I have been trying to help someone that has problems, but the person has paranoid problems, and everything panics him. His behavior has hurt someone dear to me. I feel for this person, however, I still can learn from his life, but what to do next will bring forth another lesson. 


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


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