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How grocery stores get you to spend more money

Grocery stores do not lay out their aisles in a haphazard manner. There is a reason for putting every single item exactly where it is located. They want you to spend more money. If you are aware of their tricks, you can beat them at their own game.

A special offer is no deal if you don’t need what they’re offering. If you can get three items for the cost of two, it might be a savings but only if you need the three items. Stores rely on the fact that people see “special offer” and subconsciously think “I should buy that.” If you need it, that’s fine but, if you don’t, you can save even more money by walking away.

The most expensive brands get the most prominent place on the shelf. The cheaper, and usually identical, products will be placed on shelves not in your direct line of sight. If you need salt, there is no reason to buy the most expensive brand, even if it is on sale. The generic salt is no less salt than the stuff in the blue box with the little girl on it.

Buy the product, not the packaging. There’s a reason why generic products are placed in bland packaging. The stores know that shoppers are attracted to the more interesting packaging of the expensive products. The packaging ends up in the garbage or recycling. Ignore it. More often than not generic products come from the same place as the more expensive versions. Even in those cases where there is a difference between the two, it’s most likely something which doesn’t affect the quality of the product.

Grocery stores are laid out in such a way that you go through the aisles containing items you can easily do without first. Very often the first aisle has the bakery section. If the baked goods were at the end of the store, you might think twice about adding them to your already full shopping cart.

Watch out for impulse shopping. Grocery stores put things at the ends of the aisle and by the checkout that they want you to pick up absent-mindedly. That’s why the candy bars are at the checkout. You get there and you think, “Hey, I deserve a treat.” Make a shopping list and learn to stick to it even if it means leaving something you think you can use.

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Written by Gary J Sibio

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