Gov control on living off the grid

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Hey There ya’ll how you doing? Hope all is well, I would like your opinion on this topic on what you think about it cause this is something I would LIKE to do but at our age & with our health I don’t see it possible to do as much as I’d LIKE to, BUT if I was like 30 yrs younger yeah it would be well worth the effort it takes to do it.

If you had the resource’s it takes to live off the grid would you do it? I think it’s a GOOD way to save a BUNCH of $ & it’s a great way to save the earth from all the pollution LIVING on the grid creates, what do you think? Well here’s the thing I don’t get about WHY the Gov is against people living off the grid, is it cause it’s cheaper & it’s not giving the gov control of taking your $? YES, is it cause you can LIVE healthier than being ON the grid? YES, is cause they can’t control what you do & how you live? YES, I think it’s the best way to live myself IF you want. This is what I’m talking about on why the gov is against people living off the grid what do you think about it?

I can somewhat understand SOME of the reasons the way people can DESTROY the property in such away they shouldn’t live off the grid the trash they leave around & the way they can destroy the nature of the land & so on, but for those that know how to live off the grid without destroying the land & being just plan trashy ought to have a right to live off the grid, is it cheaper to live off grid than be on grid well that depends on you.

I hope this was a help on if you ever consider living off grid or stay on grid, like I said earlier living off grid to me SOUNDS a lot better BUT the stuff we’d have to do to manage to live off grid well we’re not in the health we need to be in to handle it like we were 30 yrs ago ? Like chopping wood hauling water & whatever else there is to be done, not to mention the COST to get it started… SO what are your thoughts about all this is it worth it?

Thank you for stopping by & leaving your response on what you think & I will be back in a few hrs to respond.


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  1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my mother is Amish and I have lived the Amish life, which is about as off-grid as it gets. I prefer my conventional coffee pot, hot showers, and air conditioning during 100 degree weather. While I also love living by candlelight and/or lanterns, heating and cooking with a woodstove, canning, baking, gardening, and all of that fun stuff, I know that I ultimately also desire comfort. So, off-grid living is probably not for me. Great post, Lady <3 I look forward to hearing more from you! 🙂

    • wow you Amish? that was going to be my next post, that I think is another AWESOME
      thing that MOST people don’t really know about, we have them here where I live as well.

      • I’m not Amish… I lived with my Amish family for three weeks and, then, moved back to town. There is a lot about the Amish behind the scenes that would COMPLETELY change people’s perspectives on how awesome they are… In three weeks, I was thoroughly disappointed. I would much rather live off-grid without the additional drama lol Too much craziness for me…