You ne’er extremely understand what is returning. A little wave, or even a giant one. All you’ll extremely do is hope that once it comes, you’ll surf over it, rather than drown in its monstrosity.

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Written by arshia_tahir

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        • english is not my native language but atleast i can speak not perfect in english but can speak only you have the issues with my English , but so many foreign peoples can easily understand my words and i don’t need teacher . thank you for your comment takecare bye

      • Nicole, I have done as you suggest, and I have not found any source for “You ne’er extremely understand what is returning”. I don’t know what language that is, but it certainly is not English as I understand it!

        I have spent several years helping non-native English speakers to improve their written English. I see nothing amiss in suggesting that someone does so – most people are happy to be shown where they are going wrong and how they might do better. It’s all part of helping each other along, which a site like this can help us to do very effectively, in many different ways.

        • Just check your way dear the way you said to me … I also love to learn and I am here to learn different things but if we are not good in one thing that doesn’t means other person have rights to bring you down. … an din have no issues to learn English I haven’t ever learn English urdu is my native language I learn English from Internet, by writing articles, blogs, and also from other people articles.
          Your way of saying is not good .

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