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Gimme Lemons

GIMME LEMONS – is a poem I wrote to take out some frustration when the Lord of the Rings that is called FB put me on a ban for no clear reason that I was aware of. The trouble with such banning is that there is no due process…one is never given a chance to explain his/her side of the story. And you will never know for certain why you were punished in the first place. I never got a ticket my whole life, you see. Not even for jaywalking. So, being banned without knowing the why of it is just, to say the least, simply annoying.

There was a short notice about the possibility of spamming case. Spam, what?!? I write, I blog…of course, I share my posts in the communities where I am a member. If that is a concern, then they should limit as well the number of groups where one can join, isn’t it so?

Oh, well…is it ever worth the stress? Is it enough to ruin the day? I do not think so. Instead of spoiling my mood for such a trifle, I decided to just enjoy my forced hiatus and pen this poem. Turn the misfortune into something creative, I decided. Please read on…I hope you enjoy it!


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Written by HarpingByAPixie

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  1. Wonderful poem! I think that since social media mostly cares about the paid adds, everything is spam nowadays. Some tips I’ve heard of are to always post a different description when you post a link, don’t post many posts at once, and you can also use url shorteners in order not to post the same link. I’m not sure if they work though.

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