Fox News anchor admits, unprompted, that he hasn’t washed his hands in 10 years.

Fox News’s Anchor Pete Hegseth admitted that he did not wash his hands for 10 years. During the live telecast Program that there are no germs and Germs are not real things and it has been 10 year since i washed my hands.

Talking in the Fox & friend program, he said Micro organisms that have infection not exist because they can not be seen with open eyes. Pete Hegseth did this confession when he was eating pizza and Anchor Ed Henry and Jedediah Bila were joking on him.

He said that my this year’s program is that what I say off the record want to say  on air. Mix reaction was observed on social media while some people has supported him.

One social media user wrote that I agree with you, I am about 70 years old, but since years I have no fever, flue etc. Our body needs bacteria to fight them, many people here are scared of germs.

News Anchor Pete Hagseth said while talking to an American newspaper, that I have said this in joking mood but people have taken it to serious level. He said we live in such a society where people go along with lotion to clean hands. They understand that they can save their lives by saving from germs.


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