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 Flower Street.

Robin Biznis April .13. 2019 Belgrade Serbia

 Flower Street.

These days in Belgrade it is cloudy with occasional rains and it is quite cold.

That was the same day yesterday when I found myself at the beginning of the boulevard Mihailo Pupin.

It is one of the main streets in New Belgrade.

As soon as from the old part of Belgrade, you cross the bridge on the Sava River, you are right to reach this long boulevard. The pictures from this price have the following explanation.

An iron fence is set between the pavements for the safety of the sand that sometimes runs in a hurry across the street.

But always before the marathon race, the city arranges to be beautiful and to tourists and marathoners.

Someone remembered, and he placed flowerpots with a flower on that iron fence, and so he slid a part of the street to all of us.

The second photo was created when I turned to the other side for 180%

There is a large park. Left is the building of the federal government of Serbia, which is not visible in the picture.

To the far right is the building of the former Communist Central Committee of Yugoslavia, which suffered NATO bombing in 1999 but was later rebuilt.

In fact, the focus is right in front of my eyes.


One black completely dry, no life,

Up to it a tree in full flower of a purple-colored shade of Japan shook a white plum blossom immediately.

What color contrast.

Black, Lila, white.

It happens once a year and this scene does not last long. Just as long as it has a flower.

And I’m glad I photographed it.

What do you think?

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I am Dragan Čanković aged 65 years. I live in Belgrade, Serbia as a pensioner. On this site, my nickname is as well as on Facebook Robin Biznis.

Here I am trying to make some money through my own.

It's also very interesting for me to read what other people are writing and publishing.

I experience it as a creative work that actually is.

I wish you all good health and happiness to all of you.

Dragan Cankovic


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